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    Ich möchte meinen neuen Blog mit der Zusammenfassung eines Workshops für Medienschaffende beginnen, weil hier Vieles auftaucht, das für meine Arbeitsweise charakteristisch ist. Nachlese zum Workshop: Gute Stimme – gute Beiträge Es......


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Julia Kokke M.A.
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19 Okt

Live Online Training for teachers (LUX): The art of reading aloud: Captivating narration – exciting interpretation (Code D1-b-17)

19. Oktober 2024 @ 9:00 - 9. November 2024 @ 16:00

English version of “Die Kunst des Vorlesens”

Reading aloud is something wonderful. Be it that you want to tell children a fairy tale or captivate adults with a story. However, the realisation quickly matures that it is not enough to pronounce the sentences and words correctly.
In this workshop, participants learn to read aloud in a more creative and lively way. Body, voice, agility, imagination and joy are the basis on which they can discover new design possibilities for their linguistic expression. Simple exercises for voice training enable the reader to develop a rich voice sound with minimal effort. Relaxation exercises help them cope better with stage fright and feel more comfortable reading overall. Slips of the tongue, shortness of breath and other vocal signs of tension are reduced.
Interpreting texts is an art. The techniques for this can be learned. How can you look at well-known content from a new perspective? An exciting process, both for the readers themselves and for the audience. What possibilities and problems arise, for example, from multilingualism and the translating retelling of children’s books into Luxembourgish?
In this workshop, participants can intensively exchange their practical experiences. The specific course of the seminar is based on the resulting topics and wishes. Together, transfer strategies are developed to integrate the newly gained knowledge and skills into everyday working life.



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Datum: 19. Oktober 2024 @ 9:00 - 9. November 2024 @ 16:00
Zeit: 9:00 - 16:00
Ort: Formation en ligne – IFEN
Organisator: Institut de formation et de l’éducation nationale (IFEN)