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  • Ouvertüre: Von Eimern und Wellen

    Ich möchte meinen neuen Blog mit der Zusammenfassung eines Workshops für Medienschaffende beginnen, weil hier Vieles auftaucht, das für meine Arbeitsweise charakteristisch ist. Nachlese zum Workshop: Gute Stimme – gute Beiträge Es......


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Julia Kokke M.A.

Live Online Training für Lehrkräfte (LUX): Free Back – Free Neck – Free Voice: Awareness Through Movement for Teachers (Code: B1-a-10)

Awareness through movement affects the human being as a whole. The exercises help you to meet the physical, vocal and psychological challenges of your professional life in a more relaxed and flexible way. Psychosomatic and motor complaints such as back pain, neck tension, exhaustion and voice problems can improve considerably with this efficient method. These lessons are used in health care as a relaxation technique as well as in pain management and rehabilitation, but also in voice, dance, theater and music education, in martial arts and many other sports....